9 September 1999

Question & Answer Sessions

Is Linux Y2.037K compliant?

Not yet, but it's coming. They don't want to break a lot of existing code.

Can anyone recommend good documentation for Merit RADIUS?

Why not use someone else's RADIUS? Talk to Merit or hack the code yourself.

Jobs? (Preferably, not at FoMoCo. Not Bell & Howell, either.)

If so, talk to Troy.

Becki needs minions, if you know someone looking for entry-level Unix stuff.

SCS ( is looking for people. The modem services at UUNET (BIG DAIL) will be expanding and he needs three people for his staff. More will be needed later.

Which DSL in the Ypsilanti area?

No recommendations so far.

Recommendations for PCMCIA modems? (NO WINMODEMS!)

Troy's had good luck with his USR. Call you ISP, ask what brand they use or recommend, then buy it.

Does the Caldera distribution have S3 Xfree86?

They've been available for ages, so it would be unusual for it to not be there. The odds are good, but you'll have to explicitly install that X server binary.

Where is Becki? What color will her hair be?

Right here. Same old, same old.

NIS and dialup problems?

Lots of talk, few concrete suggestions.

Source for inexpensive 2500 series router?

Used ones are worth almost as much as new ones. Deals are few and far between

Xfree86 vs. Xi graphics performance comments?

Xi picks their benchmarks carefully.

K6-2 vs. K6-3 vs. K6 performance opinions?

The bigger the better.

Windows disassembler?

The AACS people may have some suggestions.

Presentation status

Becki Kain: Migrating from a Novell file server to Unix

Rumor & Innuendo (No names, please)

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