8 July 1998

Question & Answer Sessions

EPROM burner to burn EPROMs for an SGI box. Got one?

What size? Troy and Mike Wayne should talk.

Can anyone suggest an ethernet to analog modem (or ISDN) device?


Cron job. MRTG. Perl script dies with an FFFFFFFF and error code 10. Red Hat Linux 5.2. Bug doesn't exist on other platforms. Any guesses?

No one's seen exactly this, so it's going to be a do-it-yourself project.

Any suggestions for a Linux-friendly high-end laptop?

Dell notebooks have larger drives, but people sound like they haven't liked them. Toshibas are highly reliable, but have smaller drives.

Stupid question: running configure, it complains about not being able to run test because you're cross compiling. Any ideas?

Try running in a very clean environment. Try a different shell. Try forcing host (--host=HOST) and target (--target=TARGET) to be the same.

Where can Mike Wayne borrow a Sparq 20+ for three months?

He's looking to clone a build environment (around 10 Gb) using it. He's not making any money from this, so he's looking to do it on the cheap.

Does anyone have a source for 1-2 Gb (or more), low-profile (3.5" x 1") SCSI drives?

No good answer.

Any good sources for 30-pin SIMMs (4 or 8 Mb) for older PCs?

This was solved off-line. (MRW thinks he has some.)

Any guesses about the physical redundancy of circuits (fiber) in AA for T1's?

"Ha, ha, ha!" -- several people

MFS? No, they use Ameritech for service. Try talking to Qwest.

A mile from the CO? Throw money at it right away and drag the fiber yourself. (Or some other CO, if you're trying to be really redundant.)

Consider wireless. There _is_ wireless that still works when it snows, but you've got to pay for a license. (And the license isn't that bad.)

Who is willing to pilot the MediaOne digital telephone service?

Sounds neat. Several people would like to try it.

Where does Chad get all his cool toys?


FIFO wierdness: Perl 5.004 job using FIFOs. (This involves a Netscape product.) When the reader dies, and the writer is still writing, things get out of sync. Is it Perl? Is it the pipes? What?

Lots of questions, but no enlightenment.

Ethernet cards for an XT (8-bit) or a 486 (ISA bus) -- got any?

Try UofM Property Disposition.

Where can I get telephone interface cards, both sides, for PC's (e.g. Dialogic cards)?

Talk to Mike Wayne for more info.

Religious question: if someone's rewriting all manner of GNU tool for BSD, is that a bad thing?

Not at all. A technically superior set of tools would be a way good thing. Getting the tools widely accepted may be a bit of a challenge.

Anything new from 3com regarding Palms?

Palm VII ... just buy it.


SETI@Home, and Other Cycle Stealing Schemes

Help search for ET's. It's fun.

Some of the early client software had a bug that rendered a lot of SGI/Mac results invalid. New clients are available for SGI (and the Mac, soon).

What other subjects would be fun for this sort of approach?

Rumor & Innuendo (No names, please)

Someone said that 'Say "NO" to Monopolies / Boycott Micro$oft' stickers are available from

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