8 April 1999

Question & Answer Sessions

Any ideas for buying a phone system for about 10 people?

Panasonic makes a nice little phone exchange for around $1000. It's got simple voice mail. AT&T Merlins are another possibility.

Does anyone actually use lockd with linux 2.2.x?

No. Not yet, anyway.

Anyone have any experience with Resonate under Solaris 2.6 on a Sparq?

Not really. Not yet, anyway. Chad says the box running it "keels over" after a while. A fair amount of speculation takes place, but no real solution has emerged.

What is Resonate?

Load balancing software that Sun sells.

Linux and USB: does it work yet?

SGI has done a fair amount of work on USB support; it's being a pain. There have been a lot of changes to USB code in the last two months; check the most recent kernel.

Imagine a 24-port high-end hub (Ungerman-Bass); downstream is a cheap-ass 8 port hub (Kingston). Suddenly, absolutely nothing gets passed from the 8-port back to the 24-port. Any idea why? Repowering the 8-port hub didn't fix it. It was fixed by plugging a Linux box into the drop from the 24-port hub. Any idea why?

The Ungerman-Bass may be suffering from sync drift. Recommend it be replaced. Cisco 24-port hubs/switchs aren't that expensive.

Linux server on a cable modem: any experience? (In Dearborn.)

They filter certain services to prevent it from being used for heavy-load situations. They don't want to be carrying anything that smells of commercial service. Check the MDLUG site for possible information.

Has anyone used an ATM card with Linux?

It is very CO-centric. If you're more than 1.5 miles from the CO, you're going to run into performance problems with ADSL.

RJ45/CAT-5 for home: good source for cable and wall jacks? Etc.?

"Wolverine Alarm in Taylor." Ask Becki for more information. Or RN in AA.

Linux and a Titan-III motherboard has poor IDE performance. Any idea why?

Some Titan-III chip sets have DMA problems and the kernel will turn off DMA. (Possibly without telling you.)

How well does Sun document viewer work for MS Word/Excel documents?

Well enough.

Jobs offered? Wanted?

Sun's hiring. Look for something on the mailing list tomorrow. UMI and Borders are both hiring.

What is the deal with Netscape 4.5 so pokey when doing POP3? In happens under NT, but not under Linux.

There may be a DLL with NT that may need updating.

Does anyone here work for UMI? Ever? Or know anyone who has?

Don't answer that. It's a rhetorical question.

Chad's looking for a wired house. Got one? Who is making Chad move?

No comment.

Interested in sharing a house in the Ann Arbor area?

If so, talk to Troy.

Netscape 4.5 again (on HPUX this time): With plain HPUX, it's find. With Ford's patches, it crashes. Any idea why?


Is AIX 3.2 a version?

Not without a lot of patches. Don't even _ask_ MJO about this.

How ready is the Ford network for low end video conferencing?

HA, HA, HA! Pointcast crashed it.


Anyone what to go to Toronto during May 11-14?

Why is Becki's hair green?

Water collects in the coarse, hollow hairs. The green color actually comes from algae in the . . . no, wait; that's polar bear's hair.

Didn't realize that blue and blond comes out green. You don't want to know the rest of the story.


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