11 February 1999

Question & Answer Sessions

Does anyone know someone from either IXC or Qwest that could talk about multigigabit backbones (or something related)?

MJO will try to find out something.

Tool like tcpdump to rip apart http would be nice. Anyone seen one?

There are NFR filters for that sort of thing. Go to, look for Darren Reed's home page. Look for IP replay; that might help.

Has anyone used FreeSwan? It's a an SWAN (Secure WAN) for Linux.

Doesn't look like it.

Does anyone have a job and a housemate for Troy?

We told you last time: no.

QIS -- Quality Information Services -- anyone heard of them?

No, but don't hold it against them.

Multi-homing Linux ... how difficult?

Not too difficult.

Beowolf: pointers for readable docs for PAM (Pluggable Authentication Modules)?

The rules for doing trusted root operations are poorly documented. Most of the PAM operations are poorly documented. No one seems to know what to do at this point, or where to find a good reference. For PAM, "the source code is the best reference."

Looking for a Linux support company in the UK. Know of one?

SuSE, unfortunately, don't have offices in the UK.

Looking for a good, freeware cron for NT?

Look at the Uwin stuff.

100baseT cards for Linux: Which ones are good?

3com 905 is so-so. Intel EitherExpress Pro 100's are available from for less than $50.

Need a transceiver/hub that will work between ATM and 10baseT. Suggestions? Becki has six Cisco 2924's that need to be connected to an ATM line.

D-Link has fiber to AUI transceivers that may do the trick. (There is currently nothing on either end of the fiber, so this should work well.)

A decent 100baseT switch for less than $1000? (8 ports)

Not yet. Keep an eye on perhaps.

Has anyone used the commercial database packages for Linux? (Oracle, etc.)

The SCO version of Oracle did okay on a RedHat box. Generally, the answer is no.

HPUX: multiple interfaces. nslookup gives one address; trace gives another. What's up?

The machine is responding on whatever interface it feels like. Apparently, this is within the protocol spec.

Who's driving around town with a licence plate that says "VAX VMS"?

No idea.

Does anyone want a copy of PKzip with documentation?


Any Y2K problems known in Linux?

Check for out-of-date versions of ftpd. time_t in the 2.3.x kernel is going to be a long_long.


If someone had gone to NANOG, we could have discussed that, but no one present did. So we'll just chat for a while (I'm not going to bother taking notes; the topics change too fast).

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