14 January 1999

Question & Answer Sessions

What are we going to do without a board to write questions?

Wing it.

How many HME interfaces does Solaris support? Can I increase it?

Chris has a box with four interfaces, but only three are working.

Any one know of, or are, a Sysv streams programmer?


Any one want to work for an industrial imaging in Lansing?

See for an idea of what the company does. Tell Gabe if you're interested.

Beowulf info ... has anyone got any experience? Or know of any books in print (and really on the shelf)?

Send Troy a message and ask him to look for books.

Troy is still looking for a new job and a housemate. Got one around Ann Arbor?

If so, send him mail (

When has Troy not asked those questions at a meeting?

No one can recall.

Anyone using CODA (the replicated file system)?

Not yet.

Anyone heard of a transparent encrypted file system for Linux?

Nothing concrete.


She likes to play basketball. It uses some sort of matrix manipulation.

Chad's usual Nokia question. Anyone seen a telephone/palmtop that works?

He should have asked Mike Wayne before he went to CES. The PDQ should be available sometime soon (see for info). It's sort of a Palm III with a cell phone built in.

What's the best plan for digital phones right now?

Opinions vary. Deals keep changing. It's hard to tack down.

Dawn has 50-100 lbs. of books to get rid of. Got any suggestions?

Go visit her. Rifle through them. Take them home.

ATM using SVC's (over an OC3). Getting lousy performance. Any ideas?

Not really.

Anyone using VPN's for dail-up? What software, firewalls, etc?

Firewall One. Talk to Ed Vielmetti.


"What's Shakin' at Mozilla.Org" -- Dawn Endico

Mozilla was the original name for Netscape (which was derived from Mosiac). The programmers never gave up on the original name. When Netscape made the source public, some of the Netscape people set up to work on their own version of the Mozilla browser.

In addition to Mozilla, they're working on:

lxr turns code into a set of cross-referenced HTML pages. Dawn's work on that and related projects caught's notice.

The Linux port is getting a lot of work from the GTK crowd for the interface layer. The idea is to increase portability down the road.

What about XML?

Cryptozilla is being worked on in Australia.

Rumor & Innuendo (No names, please)

Samsung has a microwave with an ethernet port. If you read the barcode on a package, it will set itself to cook it.

Microsoft NT failed FIPS testing. Not secure. (Surprise.)

Someone may try to hack the Win95 update page so that it installs Linux.

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