10 December 1998

Question & Answer Sessions

IPV6 mythology/literature available?

There's one called "IPV6" by Chris Huitema.

IMAP - is there a version that can prune old messages?

A client of a client is talking about switching from Groupwise, which allows the user to delete messages older than N. It would be nice if IMAP could handle that, but it more of a mail storage issue rather than a transport protocol issue.

Any source for 10base5 cable + vampire?

Paul Haas would like a couple feet and a vampire tap to show someone.

CG12 (a 24-bit Sun video board) with Solaris 2.7?

Solaris 2.3 was the last version to support it. The 2.3 drivers may work with 2.4 or 2.5, but that's still only a rumor.

Beowolf from dumpster diving - can you help?

Talk to Intel about old equipment; it's worked for others. may have some more ideas.

Getting a vacation program to work with with sendmail for a dinner -- fair trade?

Check the permissions on the directory up-tree from the file causing the problem.

Jobs and/or housemates wanted.

Contact Troy if you want to live near the mall or want to hire him.

Why did it take 15 hours for Becki to figure out Exchange sucks?

She's stuborn. She was looking for a way to export mailboxes on the server. Troy has some ideas, if you're curious.

X windows today -- who's using it?

Anyone using graphics under windows. It's also handy for doing lots of text interfaces togethers.

Should I upgrade to ssh 2.x?

MJO has had problems with it (under Irix, presumeably).

Samba 2.0? Any one seen it? Touched it?

MJO has. Use the old smb.conf. If you use the new one, you'll be sorry.

Variable HTML links?

Never mind.

How's WINE these days? Does it run anything?

There's a -w95 option that gets some W95 applications to run. Older windows versions of Quicken will run. Starcraft and Warcraft. Word 6. has a compatibility list.

To NT domains want to share resources, but don't trust each other. Is there a way to do this?

If the link is unreliable, the trust is lost often and re-establishing takes a while. Let Ivars know if you have any suggestions.

Any form of radius+ndis that runs on Linux that can authenticate against a Novell server?

Talk to troy if you have any info.

Net sniffer for NT? Preferably free.

NT networking is terribly slow and will drop packets all over the place. Put up a unix box and run Network Flight Recorder ( to monitor the network. XNI is also a suggestion (

How many bogomips is a Sparqserver 10000?



"Tcl/Tk comes of age" and "Why Would You Ever Want to Write a Book?" ------------------------------------------ Clif Flynt

The State of Tcl/Tk

Success Stories:

[... Clif's going pretty fast; ask for slide contents later ...]


Rumor & Innuendo (No names, please) has shutdown their free services.

SGI is joining Linux International.

Sun is going to officially support Linux on multi-CPU servers.

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