8 October 1998

Question & Answer Sessions

Where can I find out about web programming for my 14-year old?

Look at the bookstore for some of the learn-to-do-a-web-page book. "HTML for Dummies", for example. Look at for examples. Visit web pages and view the source.

What is this nfiles thing?

Limits the number of file descriptors. The method of altering it varies.

Has anyone done data over PCS?


Dad's MS Word screen has arrows all over it. Why? (Rebooting doesn't fix the problem.)

"Visible paragraphs" are displaying the tabs.

Has anyone know where Troy can get an Atari 2600? (Preferably one with Centipedes installed.)

Nope. Maybe, in the back of the closet. Possibly.

Can anyone give Steve Arlow a free, small newsfeed?

Talk to Steve.

How about the PalmPilot Data Claw -- is it too geeky?

Nah. It's somewhat Goth.

One can mount an NFS filesystem with 770 permission. Fine. But when it's time to umount it, it can't be umounted, since 'nobody' isn't able to read it. Any suggestions? (This is between two BSD/OS systems.)

Create a special group for handling mount/umount. Post the question to unix-lizards.

How do you dump a Sun filesystem to a Linux box with a tape drive?

Use amanda. See for more info.

Where does Netscape store passwords? How do you make them go away? (In this case, we're talking under BSD/OS.)

Somewhere under your .netscape directory. Probably.

Did someone _really_ get MS Word to run under NetBSD?

Cygnus Solutions has a windows emulator, but who knows. It might have been something else.


"Current topics in smartcard technology" (or something like that) with Dr. Peter Honeyman

3: Smartcards may never really take off in the US. The way we handle money doesn't mesh nicely. Smartcards have been well received in Europe.

"When weak passwords are outlawed. only outlaws ..."

Rumor & Inuendo

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