10 September 1998

Question & Answer Sessions

What does the 801 dailer do in uucp?

Loke the 212, it's an AT&T dailer unit. Some people are still using them. Mike Wayne knows more about this, if he can find his notes.

How do you set the per-user max processes limit under AIX (4.2)?

No good ideas. SMIT is a cruel practical joke.

Where are the mailings?

Send the following message:


and join the fray. Or send mail to Gabe and ask for the instructions.

What about the website?

Go peek at and see!

Sparq 5 and Solaris 2.5.1 with much memory (256 ram, 512 swap), but emacs swaps muchly. What's up?

Something aint write. Start looking at 'top' and see if anything odd rears its head. Something has got to be sucking up heaps of memory.

Has anyone seen S.u.S.E. 5.3 Linux on the shelves?

Nope. Lots of 5.2 disks out there, though.

Has anyone made a bootable CD-ROM under any BSD?

If you're willing to swap CD's part way through. There are Linux sites with docs on how to do this -- it may translate. No one here seems to know the spell. Let Mike Wayne know if you know it.

Free PPP that will work with PAP under Solaris 2.6?

A 386 will make a decent router. Unfortunately, Becki doesn't have this option at the moment. There's some form of Morningstar PPP on the net somewhere that can be picked up free.

Has anyone hacked a variable stack into sendmail?

Write to Eric Allman; offer him wine.

"Didn't someone do Towers of Hanoi in sendmail?" -- EMV

How is the Solaris ping insecure?

You could overflow the buffer and push operations onto the stack. Check the bug-tracks archive.

Is there an automated 4.1.4 SunOS install with all of the Y2K patches?

Greg Cronau may have some 4.1.3 scripts that may help.

CMD640 IDE controller gives Linux fits. Any patches out there? It's in an Acer.

Motherboards are $100; cases are $35.

Anyone notices any marked difference in ascii vs. binary ftp?

Yes. Sometimes you can speed up an ftp session by pinging the ftp site in another window. Ftp is a poor benchmark.

Do we have a ITI (or other) host for next weekend?

Yvars said he'll do it.

Jobs? Wanted? Available?

Low level driver work at Seagate, telecommuting. Talk to Troy.

ERIM has two software engineering possitions available. Talk to Becki.

Msen is looking for entry-level tech support. Troy (city) is prefered, but Ann Arbor is a possibility. Talk to Mike Wayne.

Worldcom is looking for system admins. Talk to Steve Simmons.


"Voice over IP" by Munther L. Antoun (


L3/L2 Transport Characteristics

Digital Signal Processors have become smaller and less expensive. The capability for VoIP has been around for years, but the practicality wasn't there. Now it's here. It's still a bit rough, in terms of quality, but if people are willing to accept the quality, there's a great potential for cost savings.

Delay Variation -- "Jitter"

Neat stuff. Expect to see more of it. Expect it to get better.

Let's get Cisco back to talk about other interesting things.

Rumor & Inuendo

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