13 August 1998

Question & Answer Sessions

Any luck getting MediaOne cablemodems to work with anything other than Windows?

Red Hat 5.x doesn't seem to work, but 4.x did. Try turning off the firewall features of the kernel. Check the MDLUG archives.

Installing normal man pages under SCO -- is there an easy way to do this? Without having two man systems?

No idea. And no one knows why SCO does things the way they do. Ask Bela at SCO ( for assistance.

Has anyone ever done native Solaris 2.6 PPP -> PAP dail up?

Troy gave up and bought Morning Star PPP.

Who will pay people to play with Linux?

I wish. Ed Vielmetti can't remember the name of the place. Write and ask him later. Cygnus might be talked into it, if anybody.

[Follow-up: Joe McConnell ( mentioned that Instrumentation Labs (ex: Malinkrodt) here in Ann Arbor is developing medical devices based on Linux.]

Is there a version of top for SMP Linux (that will show the multiple processors)?

Try the latest Bill LeFavre version at

Any suggestions for someone who's about to overload an AIX box? Many gig-o-realtime-data to be processed as fast as possible.

The outlook is not promising.

Would we be interested in Cisco coming out to talk about voice over data and other nifty things?

Yup. Yes. Sure.

Can you do IPSEC with dynamic IP addresses?

No good ideas at the moment. Talk to Ed later for more ideas.

Why isn't _ allowed in bind?

The relavant RFC's don't allow it. The '_' has different representations depending on which ASCII implementation you use. (Old historical problem.)

Could someone clean up the mail exploder at Msen?

Gabe will deal with this.

Has Solaris fixed their stupid, broken finger program? Does it now spit out more than 100 bytes of the .plan files?

MJO insists that this is not normal behaviour. Paul thinks this has been fixed.

Should MJO shave the beard?

No, bleach it. Or shave your head and trim the beard down to a goatee.

Anyone dealt with a place that is doing so many rsh (300+) that the system starts to fail? How do you deal with it?

Find a newspaper, roll it up, and swat them with it.

Does Red Hat 5.1 Linux fix the problems introduced in version 5.0?

"I hate 5.1. I hate 5.0. I love 4.2." -- Troy

Does anyone know of a potential housemate for Troy?



Paul Haas brought in a Klutz/LEGO kit. It was an interesting distraction.

MJO almost had a presenter, but something happened.

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