9 July 1998

Question & Answer Sessions

Radius servers -> which version is good? Who's using them? What hardware is recommended?

MERIT requires MERIT Radius. Livingston works best with Livingston's radius. Others, you'll probably need to hack to get them to work well. Things mostly depend on what routing hardware you're going to use.

How do you convert mpeg to Real Video?

Odds are, this is going to be a lossy conversion whatever you do.

Automount removeable media under linux?

There should be a vold equivalent out there somewhere. Using mtools is also an option. No definitive answers offered, so a search of various linux archives may be in order. Try visiting and looking around.

Where did Troy get his cool t-shirt?

He works at Borders. He gets lots of cool t-shirts that way.

Okay, how about Paul's t-shirt?

Send him e-mail and ask again.

Anyone with experience running gated and BGP4 together?

If so, talk to Mike Wayne.

Has anyone place with Ace2 from HP/UX?

Ace2 is HP/UX's big-collection-of-network-code that causes things to break if you install the CD. If you installed patches, it makes them go away.

Any one have colocation space for Becki?

Msen is a possibility. World Wide Net perhaps.

Why did Becki download the WHOLE site?

She tried to search the NANOG site for 'radius' using OmniWeb, and it downloads an entire site in order to search it.

Can Troy add a question?


Wireless networking -- where do you get it?

For a building to building (50 yds.) solution, try BreezeNet(?). Ask Mike Wayne to look through his notes. There are solutions out there.

Does any know of any scripting tools for NT that are like Macro Recorder for the Mac?

There's probably something out there. It's worth a quick search on the Web.


MJO Speaks about NANOG (

The North American Network Operators Group gets together 2-3 times a year to talk about network things. MERIT sponsors the group.

There were a lot of other presentations that were ISP specific, which MJO used to go an socialize, so there's not much to report there. "This was like an SF con, but more geeky."

Nanog's web site has the slide from various presentations. Stan ??? has very good notes available.

"Solaris is a source for mistakes, not for inspiration." -- Van Jacobsen

Rumor & Inuendo

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