12 June 1998

Question & Answer Sessions

Why does catia suck?

Perhaps it was written by mechanical engineers instead of software ones.

"Is there a difference between how it handles local files vs. NFS files?" -- Ed Vielmetti

Where, if not ITI, are we going to meet?

SGI office? Cross that bridge when we come to it?

Any experience with Cold Fusion? Does it live up to it's hype? Is it worth downloading?

Much silence from the gathered crowd.

Any suggestions for a batch queueing system other than dqs?

Multics used to have a really nice one. No good answer.

WinNT: every now and then it decides to redraw all the icons for no apparent reason. Why?

Because it's a Microsoft product? Stupid housekeeping programming is a possibility.

There is a linux driver for the MediaOne one-way cable modems. Has anyone played with it?

If so, talk to Troy. (If you want the driver, write to Troy for info.)

Inexpensive, unix accounting package (business) that interfaces with RealServer 5.0?

Looking for a way to meter a data stream. No concrete suggestions.

Is there any platform where RealServer 5.0 works reliably?

Some Win95 boxes and SGI, at least.

Jobs offered? Jobs wanted?

Contact Becki or Troy if you're hiring. SGI is looking for a few bodies. Take to MJO for more information.

Anyone got any spare bandwidth?

Becki is looking for some. No offers, so far.

Anything smaller than Majordomo for running mailing lists?

Look around for Petidomo. Smartlist (distributed with procmail) is another possibility. A combined contact manager and mailing list manager would be ideal.

Are there any SEMiSLUG members who do not know Michael J. O'Connor?

Yes, but you really don't want to meet him.

Why did Vixie blacklist

They where being bad. The block's been removed.


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