14 May 1998

Question & Answer Sessions

Wireless Palm Pilots, wireless Nokias, etc. Has anyone seen one? An integrated thing? Digital? That works in the US? With service?


Can you do MPP over SparcStation under SunOS?

No one really knows.

ISDN Dial-in on DEC Alpha, NT on the other side. Has anyone done this?

This answer intentionally left blank.

Sun ATM to unknown Cisco switch?

Sun's ATM is less than stellar. Another OS might be a good idea.

SCO Unix /tmp fills up, apparently spontaneously, the system reboots and comes up in single user mode. Any idea what's up?

Educated guess: cron job that rebuilds the locate database? It's common for SCO to croak when / fills up. If set to reboot on a panic, that would explain the situation. Make sure /tmp is on another partition.

Where is NT wasting all that time and resources? What is it doing?

MSMFC4.DLL, perhaps? What do you expect from an OS pages it's disk cache? Check out for some possible tools. NT fragments the drive horribly during install. The first thing you should do is defrag.

"Defrag early and often."

Favorite Unix palm pilot interfaces?

There are a couple of Unix based hot-sync utilities. (Ask Steve Arlow <> for the URL.)

PD driver for Artacom for running with Suns?

Artacom wants $800 for the driver. That's about it.

Any experience with multiresident AFS?


What's the scoop with

No one's heard of them.

What's the deal with Chad's screwed up Netscape news server? Should he upgrade it? Should he worry about the logs saying he's not accepting input messages?

Sounds like more of a personal decision. It could probably stand to be moved to a new box.

Can Ford live without news while Chad's doing the upgrade?

Most likely not.

Where's MJO?

Beats me.

What does Gabe do with all the notes he types up?

Eventually, we'll get the SEMiSLUG web site up-to-date.


ANS is now "Worldcom UUNet Services".

330,000 modems in service. Would like to add 10's of thousands of modems a month. There are the 2nd level support group for the Big Dial Operations (BD-Ops).

On-Call Operation:

On-Site Operations

Real-Time monitoring

Retrospective Analysis and troubleshooting

Real-Time Monitoring

Diagnose, Attempt solution, Observe results, Iterate as needed, Escalate as needed. And FEEDBACK!


Proactive Feedback

Feedback to reporting staff

Feedback to tools staff

Feedback to/from BD-Ops

A Big Dial Hub

HDM (Hight Density Modem)

Network management Card (NMC)

Four hubs go in a rack, with an ethernet hub and a computer (manager workstation). (Used to use RS/6000, but other machines are being used now.) Up to four racks at a given installation.

The rack's configuration will be stored in a central database. The information will come directly from the interagating the rack.

The Manager Workstation

So how do you make this work politically?

Collect and analyzes data for quality control, problem resolution, etc. Make sure that the items you're being measured on get top priority.

Obligitory Plug: They're having trouble staffing. If you're a Unix admin, you're probably overqualified. What they're looking for is someone with a four-year degree, used to working with the public, having problems getting a job in their field, and has some savvy with the Net. Someone that can grow into the job. They train for 3 weeks, then 12 weeks on the job training. Call SCS.

(Much applause from the gallery.)

Rumor & Inuendo

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