12 March 1998

Question & Answer Sessions

If I ifconfig down my interface, should my remote-display xterm vanish instantly?

Apparently, "vanish right away" is the actual behaviour. Opinions on the expected behaviour may vary.

How do you do a look-up on a domain name given only partial information?

Telnet to for the One True Source of whois info. Also, the Internic will give you access to their data if you can convince them you're not a spammer and want the data for research purposes.

Cheap proxy server for WinNT that supports pop3 and web?


Can someone let Kevin Darcy in?

I suppose.

Any suggestions for good, practical anti-spam techniques? is as good a resource as you're likely to find.

The cheapest, most expedient approach is to delete it.

Any new news on ADSL?

Not really. ANS is generating hype about xDSL, so expect something from them soon.

edu domains for high schools?

Opinions are mixed. It's worth trying.

Is Becki wearing leather pants?

Yes. She got them when Wilson's was going out of business.

Web space for good causes?

Yes. If you have some specific suggestions, tell Gabe.

Is the Automotive Network Exchange (ANX) going to happen? If so, why? If not, why?

Not really. There isn't much in the way of a physical structure.


Becki Talks About: The Usenix Security Conference

Carl Ellison's Presentation:

Java: has all the security tools you can eat. has info on how to get bro. It's sort of like NFR. Very alpha code. High speed, large volume monitoring. Written to monitor a FDDI ring. They assume the monitor will be hacked and try to compensate.

Rumor & Inuendo

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