8 January 1998

Question & Answer Sessions

What happens when you send a ping packet to a host and force a return address of

It dies at the firewall? Not always. It's undefined. Results may vary.

Troy is trying to write a program that su's to another user; why is it still asking for passwords, if it's setuid?

Use sudo. (Can't if it's via ssh.) Make sure one of the first things the program does is to set real-id first. Look at the source code for opt for example.

What did the ADSL people say on the phone?

See ad hoc presentation below.

What does young talent have to do in this town to get a job?

Just talk to people at the post-meeting meeting.

Netscape mail conduit for Palm Pilot? (Not the Palmeto one.)

Write one.

Does anyone know how to enlarge a spliced (striped) file system under BSDI?

You probably can't. It might be possible to play games with the union file system, but no one advises trying.

Has anyone been following any of the gigabit router and what's the scoop on them?

Doesn't sound like it.

Has anyone played with gratuitous ARP?

Results are implementation dependent. If you do too many of these, all at once, it can trash ARP caches.

How can I get a newsfeed from through a shell account?

Don't. Just don't.

Who is looking for job? Who has them?

"What if we have a career and we just want a job?" -- Steve Simmons

Talk to Steve ( or John Dreystadt (


"One Planet, One Net: The CPSR Campaign on Internet Governance" A good place to start, if you're looking for background info, is

Why focus on Internet Governance?

Declaration of Principles

The principles and Their Implication

Next Steps -- How you can help

[The discussion that followed was thought provoking and engrossing to the extent that I didn't take any notes. -- Gabe]

As a quickie, ad hoc presentation, Paul Haas called Ameritech to ask about ADSL.

Rumor & Inuendo

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