SEMiSLUG 12 September 1996

Question and Answer Sessions

Minutes on the Web?


Chrysler NeXT extras?

Nope. Was running NeXTStep on Intel boxes.

New less?

Mike's has problems with anything greater than 177.

Linux: how to mount dos partitions so that non-root have access?

See mount(2) for uid/gid/mask options.

Mail-order cell phone sources?

Pick up a copy of Mobile Office. But mail order doesn't get a commission, so they're more expensive. Ask Mike Wayne if you're not convinced.

bind or resolve that allows overrides to root servers?

bind may allow you to specify lots of options for server order. Try hacking resolv.conf

INN5 - does it exist?

Yes. Looks like it. MJO has seen a banner, but doesn't know if it's available.

How do you do remote print spooling from SGI to non-SGI?

You have to edit /etc/printcap the old fashioned way. The GUI doesn't know about it.

Print PageMaker for "free"? Or less than $1000?

Ask your friends to print the files to PostScript.

Why Java no work for Kevin?

Firewalls wreak havoc with it at times with multiple part apps. Talk to Netscape people; ask them to fix it.

Fake unix box into printing via Samba?

Look at for lpd. It's shareware.

How do you find the order of the dot-clocks for cardex EXW32? Or any random card?

Try calling the manufacture or writing to the XFree86 people or visiting

Cheap PC synch serial cards (128kb, under $100)?

None mentioned.

Anyone know of any cheap multi-port ethernets with, oh, four ports per card?

DEC has them. Ask MJO for what he knows.

Any jobs available? Sysadmin type work?

Nothing offered.

Do you want to drive to Birmingham?

See Paul Haas for more info.

How do you complile under Solaris 2.5 to run under 2.4? More to the point, how do you link?

Well ... you could link libc static. Or write a front-end that recognizes OS version and runs the correct version of the program.

Does anyone else thing HP's PA8K sucks?

MJO isn't impressed with it.

Has anybody tried Netscape v3 with Exchange as the mailer of choice?


Anyone using Netscape v3 for mail on HP? Is it broken? Is it broken elsewhere?

Some report problems with it deleting mail from the server. See if movemail is enabled; if so, all the POP3 options are ignored.

Anyone have bandwidth limiting code for unix?

Do it with routers ($700 per port). IP quota solutions want lost of cash per ethernet card.

Who's a good local vendor for RAM?

Tech Partners or CCS. Not Best Buy.


Neat things on the Net?

The first time people post to certain news groups, they're automatically
being sent the FAQ.  See for the AutoFAQer.

What's Causing the Net to Melt?

SPAM! happens.

Blithering idiots.

Some feel it's AOL.

Others say Compu$erve.

Packet storming.

How to stop melting?

Pay MJO to run a rating service.


Microsoft is trying to swallow the world.

Free Java-esque things on the net: see Chris Dailey knows of three at
the moment.  Someone's class project.  Grok, a Win32 JIT.  Jolt.  Jolt
looks neatest.  Jolt as a guava-C compiler that will compile Java
programs into class files.  'Cafe' virtual machine; has JIT capability.
Find out more at:

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