SEMiSLUG 11 July 1996

Question and Answer Sessions

Where are the cookies.

"On the counter at home." -- Gabe

What is the study of liquid permiability in cell membranes and why did their server crash?

Osmotic tension. Beats me.

Cheap sync card for PC?

Try using Alta Vista and see what you can find.

Got a nameserver to secondary an ISP? (Lots of domains.)

Paul seems to have found some suggestions.

What was that about ethernet?

Paul might want to put a box on one.

Better fsck for Linux?

Not that any one knows of. Try asking Remy Card about it.

What bar?

Arbor Brewing Company. (Formerly Washington Street Station.)

Anyone used AutoFS (an automounter) under IRIX6?


What's good for Win95 backup?

Arcada Backup (Seagate).

IP Win95 remote access screen-sharing thingie?


Sun 4 hardware?

None available.

Dogbert experience? (Netscape 4)

Uh ... nope.

How do you get netscape to share bookmarks between netscape under DOS and Linux?

Make sure you're running the same version on each side.

Replacement for mailtool? Something with nested folders?

The next version of Netscape (v4 aka Dogbert) should have a much better one.

Bob Gizberg?

Sorry, not here.

Sun 3 ... other HW takers?

Seems to have been resolved.

Hostname generator ideas?

Post to alt.sysadmin.recovery. There's actually a thread about this.

IRda interfaces to plug into a serial port?


What IRda be?

InfraRed data aquisition.

When is Virtual Resources Corp. going of offer PICS support?

Iain had to leave. Ask him yourself later.


Lots of rumor, but nothing definite.


Yum. Collaberative Java thing. No news.

CERN Java server?

As much news as Habanero?

Wanna write articles for a web journal? (It pays.)

Write Web Words With Wally! is looking for writers. Go check them out.

ME's to do software support?

Keep asking around; someone's bound to know some.

Shall we take a break?



The Presentation Presentation (By Iain)

Rumor and Innuendo (no names, please)

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