SEMiSLUG 13 June 1996

Question and Answer Sessions

Where is Gabe? Pop? Cookies?

Finishing Pepper & Onion Vindaloo and Chicken Tandoori.
In the trunk of the Scorpio.
With the pop.

How do you get to the mailing list? Secretly?

Wanna do NT net stuff?

Get ahold of Paul Haas (

Want a job?

Talk to

Want to consult on SCO?

Doesn't sound like it.

Why HPUX? Should I upgrade to 9.07 or 10.10?

Lots of suggestions. Talk to Chad to find out what he decided.

Got IRIX 6.2 on CD?

Iain says "yes."

PICS via interlock?

Talk to Chad and see if he found anything out.

Better than icverify for credit card web transactions? Something PD?

Talk to Mike Wayne.

Notes 3 clues?

Microwave the CD. rm -r /

Why YP? What should I know about NIS?

DNS and password shuffling. Steve Simmons: "YP vs. DNS. If all you're doing is host names, DNS is the answer. YP, if set up correctly, provides a way to push administrative info around domains (user ids, etc.). If you can't run a firewall, don't run YP."

If you can't run a firewall, contact Steve Simmons.

Floating frames: evil stuff supported by Microsoft? Anybody played with this?

Not yet.

Status of

A happenin' place with happenin' people. It's their's and they're not giving it up.

Does SEMiSLUG stand for anything?

Depending on who you ask, SEMiSLUG stands for:

... South-East Michigan Sun Local User Group
... copy and convert

Why no 3D boxes?


Want used IRX boxes?

See Mike Wayne.

Netscape for the Mac?

Mostly broken.

Anyone using SSH? (Secure shell)

A few people are and they like it. SSH encrypts the entire session, S/key does just the password.



A few lucky soles went to WWW5 at Paris, France. They had a good time. They got Ultimate Pocket Protectors.

Focused on:

"We got to watch vacation slides." -- mjo

Chad's notes can be found at

Tcl -- Clif Flynt

Tcl is neat. Simple, regular syntax. All sorts of handy language constructs. Extensions for GUI, process automation, distributed processing, database access, HTML. Learning: two workable methods Tutorial can be found at

Rumor and Innuendo (no names, please)

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