SEMiSLUG 11 April 1996

Question and Answer Sessions

Crosstalk -- what to do?

Tell them "I have a noisy line." Repeat until they get tired and fix it.

lp with SGI?

5.3 it's easy to get lpr with an lp interface. 5.2 (or earlier?) lp is flakey.

IPX tunneling through IP? Cheap?

Win NT 4.0 beta has an IPX gateway. Might be able to hack something together with FreeBSD (or Linux?).

NFS3 -- any reason to run?

Doesn't sound like it.

Image map sites? [if anyone has any sites that archive icons and backgrounds, let me know -- Gabe]

Is it just Gabe or is it hot in here?

It's hot in here.

Win 3.11 TCP dead?


Netscape -- timeouts?

Only in the beta versions.

Windows NT 4.0 beta trashing IP by claiming do be a network server. Help?

Hmm ... this was asked last month. No more answers since last time this was asked.

DNS looping -- what's going on?

The authoratative server appears to be run by idiots. Worst case, drop in a packet filter and ignore the offending site; secondary offending site in your db.

Perl 4 on SunOS v4.0.13?

Don't optamize; trust Perl. - or - Compile Perl 5, put \ in front of all your @'s. Be happy.

Netscape 2.0 & Apache cache problem?

Apache is doing a sneak x-bit hack. Turn the group execute bit on for all the pages in question. (not everyone believes this. time for experimentation.)

[Followup: The bug is related to the way Netscape handles Daylight Savings Time. setenv TZ EDT04. For full information, go to -- Chad Childers]

Microsoft software avoidance hints?

WINE continues to be a rumour. Some sites run OS/2 to provide Windows compatibility.

MS Access -- what about it?

Other relational DBs are available with little cost; PCFile, MSQL, for example.

Any experience moving the root partition under Solaris?

Never mind.

How/Why does Troy do that?

Natural ability.

Why don't we have anything interesting to talk about?

Not enough suggestions.

BSDI 2.x?

Mike Wayne has a copy in his car. Who wanted to know?

Netscape versus Explorer?

No comment.

QNX news software?

No real experience.

Real-time Linux rumours?


What else do we need on SEMiSLUG site?

Send ideas to Iain ( or Gabe (

What bar?

Arbor Brewing Company.

New HTTP protocol?

Rumours, but no names. Netscape is probably supporting it already. Keep an eye open for Netscape Atlas.

Timezone: under Linux, EST changed to EDT, but the clock didn't change.

Some newer CMOS clocks do their own daylight savings time handling.

What are seven forbidden words under CDA?

Go search Alta Vista.

Used routers?

None offered.

What ISPs do ISDN?

IDNet and Msen spoke up.

How to let clients customize their websites remotely. Looking for such a server that doesn't run under DOS or Windows. (Perl 5). Look into this.

What's an applet?

A Java-induced hiccup.


After sitting and staring at each other for a while, we moved straight into the Answer session.

Ideas for future presentations:

Rumor and Innuendo (no names, please)

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