SEMiSLUG 14 March 1996

Question and Answer Sessions

How to diagnose disk on Alpha running NT.

Format as a MS-DOS drive, then try to upgrade it.

What SunOS 4.1.3u1 doing wierd mount tricks? (df on a mount point (or under it) gives a "..: permission denied" error message; intermitent)

Upgrade to Solaris? But seriously ...

gated routing crap?


NT 4.0b advertises itself as server?

No idea why this is happening. (Idea: In Control Panel, start turning things off until the problem goes away.)

Want a job in Birmingham?

Talk to Paul Haas ( for more info.

SDRC (Structural Dynamics Research Center) a good place to work for?

Upper management seems to turn over frequently. How do you like Cincinnati?

NT -- how to list modules?

Isn't there an "undocumented NT" book?

Why NT?

It seemed like a good idea at the time? Be careful of disk administrator under 3.51; under the wrong conditions it can toast your disk.

WWW, DCE, X.500 auth (Ford)?

Some are using DCE, but not enthusiastic about it.

ISPs in (810)?

Msen. Rustnet. IDnet.

Java script security patches?

Netscape 2.01 is out now. Nobody seems to have actually used it yet.

Anti-java firewall.

Nothing practical.

Favorite VRMLers?

The Netscape plug-in seems to be okay.

Break mailing lists traffic in to chunks; how?

Isn't there a "batchmail" utility somewhere? There's also supposed to be a new mail handler that processes mailing lists better than smail or sendmail.

Serve video generically? (auto-convert format)

xanim is a decent starting point; it'll handle most things, but integrating it is left as an exercise to the reader.

Why all the funny bullets?


Good reference on software metrics?


Job for Jennifer Wesp?

Contact her ( or see

man page for toolchest?

Hmm. Nope.

Powerpoint to HTML tool?

Microswitch is suppose to be coming out with something.


Look for ps2html.

pthreads? What is? Why? What platforms?

(a great silence decends upon the room)



Mark Smith and Gordon Good from UofM.  They work for ITD.

When you have as many people to keep track of at UM (115,000 or so), you
need a directory.  X.500 provides a workable approach to managing all of
that info.

ccess to directory provided via client software (Mac, DOS, X) or e-mail,
gopher, finger. does its best to look up foo in the X.500 directory and
get the mail to who it's supposed to go to.

LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol):  
   + X.500 is too heavy and complex 
   + LDAP runs directly over TCP 
   + Still uses BER binary encoding, but is much simpler than X.500 DAP 
   + Draft IETF Standard, March 1995

See for more info.

Rumor and Innuendo (no names, please)

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