SEMiSLUG 8 February 1996

Question and Answer Sessions

HP-UX 9.09?! Anyone used it?

Chad might have a lead.

Who wants to [network] administrate Paul's systems? There's an opening at the Internet Factory.

Paul Haas is handing out business cards.

128k sync serial for Linux? (Want to use with a Bitsurfer.)

Nothing for less than twice the cost of the Bitsurfer.

Did the secret speaker show?


Best cheap Pentium?

Call ASA. Talk to Billy.

Linux printer caveats?

Read the Printing HOWTO; it covers most issues.

Ultrix 4.5?

No response.

Non-Ultrix DEC MIPS OS?

"You're dreaming." -- mjo

Share ELF binaries bwtween OS's? How portable?

It's worth a try, but nobody's sure.

Apache SSL experience?

Not really.

Why Q=K?

Never mind. Inside joke.

How to print Java app?

Screen capture. OCR.

Anyone done Jave yet?


Linux compatibility issues ...

Check the hardware howto.


Doesn't appear that anyone's touched one. There's one down the hall at ITI, but what the point to it?

WinDD or WinCenter?

Chad has a lead. WinCenter seems to work okay.

Black Web sites?

See for more info. Or Just do it.

$40 Branch virtuality class...?

Not really sure what services he's offering. Perhaps just copying and relocating web pages.

Non-Internet source for CDA text?

Federal printing office? Congress-critters offices?

Will Jave {Kill|Save} the net?


Get DATs from AOL?

Has anyone tried?

No windmill cookies anymore?

Not today. Gabe will look into it for next month.

Customized login screens?

magic cookies (not windmill ones) are being used by some.

Dilbert home page problems?

Everything at has been slow and flakey.


Java Recap

Can it save the state of an object?  

    "I don't think so."  -- Chad Childers

"Java!" and "Learning Java in 21 Days" are recommended by CC's Java
instructor.  "Just Java" and "Java by Example" and "Core Java" are
due out from Sun in March.

Check out; it's kind of neat.

A great deal of discussion takes place about Java'a security issues and
unability to reach beyond the virtual machine.

Rumor and Innuendo (no names, please)

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